Of Other Spaces, is an exhibition taking  it's conceptual cues from from Of Other Spaces: Utopias and Heterotopias by philosopher Michel Foucault. In this writing, Foucault makes a detailed critique of societal structures, social norms, and our relationship to space, while proposing the possibility for a new set of relationships. The artists in the show use a range of imagery and language to answer or question the ways in which we inhabit our realities. Of Other Spaces is driven by imagining new modes of belonging in diversely populated environments, where space can potentially unfold perpetually. This show is a prequel to the Black Infinity's forthcoming summer exhibition "Pull-Up" exploring; gentrification, diaspora, and immigration..



Yetunde Olagbaju is a multidisciplinary artist, collaborator, and curator currently residing in Oakland, CA. Through their work, they concern themselves with time travel, space, source, vulnerability, ancestry, healing and the human relationship to the Blackness of the universe.  Through video, installation, performance, photography, sound, and ritual they aim to sort through how we, as human beings, orient ourselves within our own existence.

“WHAT NOW” stoneware, glaze 12" x 14" x 1" 2018

“WHAT NOW” stoneware, glaze 12" x 14" x 1" 2018



Ebitenyefa Baralaye is a Nigerian-American artist whose work explores the psychological agency of objects and their projected manifestations of identity and desire: shrines, statues, monuments, urns, etc. He is drawn to the poetics of domesticity and utility, positioning design and function as structural ways of feeling.


Luke Sirimongkhon

Luke sirimongkhon uses photo to create narratives that highlight shared human experience. His subject matter is often recontextualized, and fantasy-like. Sirimongkhon invites the viewer to tap into nostalgic, personal, emotional, experiences using his images as the catalyst.



Jay Katelansky (b. Edison, NJ) is an multidisciplinary artist working primarily in video and installation. She is currently living and working in Oakland, CA. Her work questions how Black bodies, including her own, navigate space in the United States.

"Self-Portrait #3 (Unfinished)" 2018. Oil and Acrylic on canvas   36” x 48”

"Self-Portrait #3 (Unfinished)" 2018. Oil and Acrylic on canvas

36” x 48”


LaShae Boyd is a pop-surrealist painter whose work explores the connections between dreams and the unconscious mind. She lives in Ohio where she is completing her BFA at the Columbus College of Art and Design.

Far away from blame  51x96” Charcoal on paper

Far away from blame
Charcoal on paper


Pop culture and race inform a major part of my art practice, which in addition to painting includes drawing, graphic design, performance, sculpture, photography, and sound. The boundaries showcased conceal and reveal identities. These identities lie in the bodies of people of color and the industrial objects that exist in the urban landscape. My works’ intention is to subliminally showcase the inequalities enforced on people of color through the use of my palette, translucency, obstruction, memes, fashion, and the appropriation of massed produced and politicized design tropes.